Small Steps to Success

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April 27, 2015

 Whenever you’re trying to attain a goal, my philosophy is to take small steps at a time toward getting to the big picture overall. If you try to jump forward and up too many steps at one time, you fall down. When you fall down, you don't have success. You get disappointed. And all of a sudden, that goal becomes further and further away. So to attain a big goal, take little steps at a time. When you take little steps toward the big picture, you start climbing upwards, and you start having more success. You have more success, you breed confidence. Competence in turn breeds more success. So it's a process which propels you forward to your big goal. Don't try to jump from the beginning in your dream to the goal overnight… Not gonna happen. Build a strong foundation by taking little steps at a time toward the big goal.


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